Heavan and Hell

cCn you believe it its been so long, Ozzy is the maker the closer you get to the meaning ,the less that you give your a taker .Thanks father for I am forgiven, parade is a beautiful thing .100 you bet ya Ozzy Rocks America forever Free !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gimpnoid. Next you will be reviewing the film "Excuse me volume 3". Well done uncle tom hahahahaha. Sorry I have let standards slip.
Number 1

sing for obama ,,like to see that,,,,,,hey heaven n hell plays in germany next weekend,,,cool for lennonsdaughter,,,were some latex


Hahahaha!!! This thread is awful short to be such a tangled, confused mess.

BTW - Remember that Ozzy was at W's second inaugural ball.

OOp s I think I was drunk Ozzy is stilll the man Maybe he'll play for Obama LOL

Well well... It belongs to Dio, Ozzy doesn't need his lyrics