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"Let Me Hear You Scream" - Hear it yet?

I heard the new Ozzy single on the radio and gave it a few runs on YouTube. If I had to rate it, I'd say 2 1/2 out of 5 stars. It's a decent radio song. Somewhat catchy. However, I don't think it has any lasting value. The lyrics are pretty mediocre and there was no stand-out memorable riffing. Granted, the guitar work was good I felt the song as a whole was a bit rushed, pieced together and thrown out there.


couldn't tell you about the Prince of Darkness set because I don't own it. I just know that Under Cover by itself does not make any bells ring for me. and we do not agree on this song, which is fine. nobody said we all have to be vanilla here. during his last releases I think Ozzy went WAYYYYYYYYY out there with his addictions and was long past the point when I think any wife (or friends) professing to love the man could still overlook NOT doing something about it. How can you love someone and live so scornful or so in denial. I guess so long as the $'s (or #'s) were rolling in for them his wife and friends were happy, hell, nobody to put a damper on whatever they wanted to do or have or experience in life. I wonder sometimes whether it didn't feel good for Sharon to have Ozzy's @ss so dependant on her, flathering over her like she was the godess of the universe. you know? in a space where she could get dibs back for years of when he could've cared less about her feelings. I don't know, but damn. very disturbing seeing the Osbournes and how Ozzy was treated by her alot, and the space he'd sunk to (brain stupor?). i don't blame addiction on a partner, but ultimately confrontation of it by her and Zakk and the kids and their set of close friends IMHO should have been on the agenda in the early 1990's.

@ f_darkbladeus, I think we're more alike than you originally thought, at least as far as being Ozzy fans go because I agreed with almost everything you said. I just so happen to think the new single is mediocre. For all I know, the rest of the new album could be amazing, but we'll have to wait and see.

As far as the rest of his career goes, I've often said that I think "Bark at the Moon" is half great and half "okay" The title track, You're No Different, Rock n' Roll Rebel, Waiting for Darkness are all great songs. The rest are okay in my opinion.

"The Ultimate Sin" I used to think it was a ver underrated album, but for some reason, I don't like it as much as I used to. I remember when I heard that Ozzy said Ultimate Sin sucks and I wondered why he didn't like it. Shot in the Dark will always be one of my favorites. The title track is good too, but the album as a whole isn't the solid but it has some decent moments.

As far as Ozzy's voice goes, it's hard for me to complain about that because he's like every other singer out there. After years and years of doing it, your voice changes and just isn't as good as it was in your younger days. Especially with rock vocalists who play so many shows (and actually sing not lip synch) and rock music in general can be a strain on the vocal chords.

"No Rest...." was a good album but I feel as though he came back even stronger with "No More Tears". NRFTW has a few good tracks but I feel NMT is the more solid album. (An no, not because it sold a lot more copies haha)

I didn't even bother buying "Under Cover". I have the "Prince of Darkness" set and most of the songs were already on there. When he did "Under Cover" he should have chose all new covers to do rather than slapping a bunch of already released covers on there and shipping it out. Have you ever listened to Metallica's "Garage, Inc."? It's a two disc set and Disc 1 was all new covers and Disc 2 was all previously released covers. Maybe he should have done something like that? Instead of just releasing an extended version of the 4th disc of the POD box set.

And BTW, that song "You Know" could be a very beautiful and heartfelt song. It's a sentiment that was pretty deep. To end it the way he does though just makes it feel like a slap in the face for what the song is saying. Welcome, by the way!

lol. I'm the last person to say that everything Ozzy puts out is great, or that i would say so just to "blow sunshine up his @ss"...never heard that one, that gave me a great laugh. I miss his vocals from Diary very much, even to this day. He had a sound that over the years he's kind of moved away from in somewhat a cliche' other "Ozzy" voice, and that makes me somewhat sad. Most performers settle into what is familiar though, and lose that edge. It's still likeable enough, in fact, I love Ozzy as much today as ever. The man is just gold.

Ever see the guy who played Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar? His original portrayal of the Gethsemane struggle of Christ was pretty amazing. Deep, kinda cool. However, because it came to define who he was, he played that over & over so much in his lifetime that he just put too much else in it other than being in the moment, you know? To see what I mean, look here if you are curious: (here's before: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n5ID4w20LI )and then (after: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8MT_CC7odA ).

Ozzy kind of did that with the Sabbath song Paranoid. What used to be raw and in the moment became freaking sing-song and way less of something I wanted to hear as time went on. I think that's why Geezer said "oh please, let's play anything, just not Paranoid." I think a whole nother beast was born (maybe in the drug and alcohol and other issues in the brain stupor?) and what got lost was originally was how it sounded. Sad :o(.

He seemed uninspired (understandably post plane disaster) in Bark at the Moon and even in The Ultimate Sin. The technical elements of music were there but where was that feeling of tightness and the amazing $h!t from Diary? Wow, not in those a whole lot. He came back though with No Rest, in my opinion big time. There is the man I know and love. And he's rocked since. I don't like Under Cover though, for the reason that he sounds like a f#cked up drunk addict. His song "You Know" (Down to Earth) and his last words..."All right, that'll do," and the laugh strike me that way too. He seems like a real addict and prick. Sounds like he's mocking what he feels someone thinks he should say to his sons or kids or wife for not caring about them or who they are and just ends up sounding like he's rubbing it in. WHAT a D!CK. If I was Sharon I would have sl@pped his f@ce for that song. It makes me wonder why the hell he would have put something like that on vinyl other than what the man is behind the black kohl liner is less of the lovable guy and more of the pr!ck.

You are entitled to your opinion. My hat tips to you as a fan too. I am wary of people that come to the site and really are hidden Dio/Iommi diehards that hate Ozzy. That is what my statements are a bit barbed for. :oP

@ f_darkbladeus, Let me put this as clear as possible. I believe the ONLY Black Sabbath is with Ozzy as the vocalist. I only buy Black Sabbath albums that feature Ozzy. I'm also a big fan of his solo work. I love Ozzy.

Let me also make this clear. I came here to give my opinion on his new single not to "spread crap" about him. I'm also glad that Ozzy is sober so I didn't come here to act like some teenage who thinks drinking and taking drugs are just sooo darn cool and that a 61 year old Ozzy should still be acting like a 21 or 31 year old Ozzy.

You also said " go back to the sites where someone gives a rats @ss what you have to say." Well, I thought I could share my opinion of an Ozzy song on Ozzy's forum, but apparently your opinion is only accepted if you want to blow sunshine up his ass. I'm sorry, I hate to say this, but the new single didn't cut it for me. I've listened to it a lot. I tried to let it sit in my mind and like it, but I can't. Again, sorry for not thinking that every little thing that Ozzy has ever done is the best thing to ever grace my ears. If you can honestly say that, then good for you because I can't.

ps> Of what I could hear of it, it sounds very catchy and upbeat to me. different then what i've heard from Ozzy before and that leaves this woman curious and wanting more. Thirty odd years of blasting rock n roll have affected my hearing, however, so when i say "of what i could hear of it," i mean that honestly without jest. I am very excited to hear the whole album personally. i think the song rocks, and so will the album. there's always gonna be those who have crap to say. and to them i say "Go turn on Under Cover if you want to hear a sloshy, crappy, drunk, self-absorbed, dysfunctional Ozzy." That the man is clean, his voice clear, his attitude psyched, and the music frigging upbeat and catchy means alot to me.

ever the pessimist. sigh. a question Doom-Reverb. are you a Dio or Iommi fan?

Mate, i thought exactly the same the first time i listened to it, but after listening to it about three times I LOVED IT!

† Coolstreaky †

@ Il1idan, don't get me wrong. I'm a huge Ozzy fan, but this song personally didn't cut it for me. Sorry for having an opinion. If you like it, that's fine. It's not like I said it sucks. I just think it's an okay song that will be forgotten about in 10 or even 5 years. Just like how Black Rain had a few decent songs, a few sucky ones and NO lasting songs that will stand the test of time.

f***ing awesome song go QQ and listen to some dumb pop music

Sounds like a new anthem-track to me. I love it.

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