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Exclusive "Making of SCREAM" on Amazon

Stop by Amazon to see an exclusive cut of the "Making
of Scream" featuring insight from Ozzy, producer Kevin
Churko, bassist Blasko and drummer Tommy Clufetos.

And, while you're there, make sure to pre-order SCREAM!

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i found ozzy's new guitar player. goto youtube and find starry0night0sky. SERIOUSLY!

I've got my digital download free with my Ozzfest tickets, but I am for sure going to get my CD copy too. Hope he'll have this stuff at Ozzfest for sale. Scream T's, CD's, yada yada!!!???

I can't seem to see you baby ... although my eyes are open wide ... but I know I'll see you once more ... when I see you, I'll see you on the other side

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