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Listen to Ozzy's new song "Let Me Hear You Scream" Right Now!

"Let Me Hear You Scream", the new single from Ozzy's upcoming album
Scream is streaming right now on AOL Music and Noisecreep.

it out!

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Im a boy of 14 years old and me and my band are fans of you Please come to Mexico,Queretaro
Im your very lotyal fan cinse I was 7 years old please Ozzy Can you answer dis coment just to feel good
your loyalty fan
PD:my favourite song of you its S.I.N of the album no more tears
PPD:Can we made a cover of Crazy train??
PPPD:your new song is f***ing awensome II hope you ll have a lot of sells

The Paranoid Concert I attended in 1971 at Cobo Area was sooo... loud and Ozzy was just shaking his hair and head like a wild man holding the microphone and its stand.
What a sight he was for the first time in my life. He never stopped rocking and I'll never stop rocking until I die! Go! go! go! Rock and Roll Rebel-Ozzy!

Sharon Gagnon-Wooley

i was obsessed with it .

i think ozzys new song is aaaaawwwwweeeeesssssooooommmmmeeeee[awesome]!can't wait till
the 15th! by the way has anyone read I am ozzy yet???????????????????????????????


and as said by rock n roll mann


That's just awesome. I can't wait to buy my cd.
The guitar surprised me a bit. I thought I'd miss Mr. Wylde a little more, but it's fantastic!
That's reeeeeeally good, as only Ozzy wold do.

Can Ozzy do wrong, I doubt it, Just come and scream down under

If you're gonna go down Go loud ,go strong, go proud, go on, go hard or go home.......awesome..
Thanks Ozzy. you are always & always will be. Thank God the day I bought Paranoid way back in 1970 right after its release in Sept 1970. That's when my life started an evolution. and still, to this day, i am ever evolving, ever growing in the music, the lyrics. Living, breathing the music. the biggest epiphany was the day i totally understood not only the words but the music. to understand why the lyrics and the music belong together. to understand how one progress' to the other. Now, I hope everyone can hear me SCREAM!!!

...Yeah! Scream you MOther f***ers! SCREAM!

i have been waiting for new ozzy since 1 week after BLACK RAIN...i can't get enough of ozzy!!! so all you ozzy army freaks BOW DOWN!!!! OUR MASTER OF MAYHEM AND METAL HAS RETUNED!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome - Im 55 and have everything you've put out. This is right up there with Black Rain.
Keep up the Great music. I love you!!!
also, hope you come touring again to Worcester, MA-
Your The Best!!!!!

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