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Ozzy to guest on Jason Ellis Radio Show

Catch Ozzy's now rescheduled for Wed March 24th appearance on The Jason Ellis
radio show which airs on the channel 'Faction' on Sirius/XM (Sirius ch.
28 / XM ch. 52). Ozzy will be in the studio approximately 2pm Pacific
Daylight Time. Tune in! http://www.sirius.com/faction

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my friend borrowed the album for one day and she forgot it at school so now I'm going crazy cuz I can't listen to ur beatiful voice : Hey. I absolutely cannot get enough of this band. I've actually had to go out and buy a new CD because I've worn one of yours out.


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Go Ozzy, loved the show. Keep it up man :)
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Didn't catch it, when will it be replayed?

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I totally love Ozzy. His appearance at the Jason Ellis show will make for some great entertainment.

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I really appreciate his achievement which he got in his life .

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if Ozzy came on the radio channel Then it is very proud for radio channel, And I think a lot of the publicity will be for radio channel,
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We are still waiting Ozzy come to The Jason Ellis
radio show ..
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