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Ozzy's New Song to Debut on CSI:NY

IF you want to hear some new Ozzy tunes this April, it’s going to be as simple as sitting back to watch some TV. Ozzys new song, “Let Me Hear You Scream” will be premiering on CSI:NY on April 14 (10 pm ET/PT) on CBS. Don’t miss it!

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SO cant wait till the next issue comes out!!!!! super excited! so then i just had to have it as my ringtone <3 .

I agree with octavia69...just because Zakk isn't playing in this album doesn't mean a thing. Gus G sounds like he can shred to me. And Im inclined as a diehard Ozzy fan to trust the Prince's choices for HIS music...There will never be another Zakk, but thats to say for other guitarist too. Im sorry but you people are over reacting about alot of things here. Im proud that Ozzy, the 61 year old legend's new song was debuted on CSI...to me this just means that more people, younger people will have the chance to fall in love with Ozzy's soul creating tunes...And carry on his name after we're all dead and gone. I've followed the Ozzman for almost 20 years, and I'll follow him through good, bad and whatever changes lay ahead...LONG LIVE OZZY!

If you knew anything about the Heavy Metal world, you would know that Gus G is an amazing guitar player. Check him out in Firewind and then say he sucks. You are all afraid of change and you will regret your statements one day. Ozzy was starting to sound too much like Black Label Society and I for one am tired of Zak's same old sound. Ozzy needed a fresh band and I'm proud that he took this leap. I've got your back Ozzy! A true Ozzy fan would trust in his decision and shut the hell up and enjoy what he hands you. Get a life people. Rock on Ozzy and new member Gus G!

1st ozzfest !!! then a book ??? now the glue that held his band together zakk !!!

where is zack ????????????? 40 year fan now on a boycott!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sounds cool, but I can´t hear the new influence of Gus G. Think he has to copy the Zakk Style because it is the only one which makes Ozzy sound like Ozzy! Anyway, hope to see you live in Germany soon, OZZY !!

Dont know what Sharons problem is but to totally commercialise the PRINCE OF f***ING DARKNESS is
Is the most terrible thing I have ever witnessed....Come on ozzy Randy Roads is turning over in his grave...Gus G...Who the f*** is Gus G....I dont get it..Zakk brought you back from the dead and you let Sharon can him...less than 2 years from now you will be done and Black Label will be as huge as they chose to be...I just hope BLS stays with the under 5000 people venues like clutch...f***ing only way to turely rock...

The guitar player is weak.....Sorry life long ozzy fan here but this is the worst guitar work in 30 f***in years...

God Sharon, Give us a freaking break. First Dog the Bounty Hunter, Now CSI New york. What next The Real Housewives of Orange County????? God Bless BLS!!!!

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