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Pre-Order Slash’s New Cd

You can now pre-order Slash’s new solo cd which has Ozzy singing on the track “Crucify the Dead”. You can pre-order the cd at <A href=""target="new window">iTunes</a> or at <a href=""target="new window"></a> now.

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I think you both have some famililar loooks, the english side of me perhaps. I think Saul was little mighty man. Two good looking guys like you should draw crowds. Oh, yea we will just sit at the edge of our seats and listen ot every word. But, I am only going just to see the sexy hot old guys sing, like they are inside themselves. Like me, so I can go and buy the album and do the very same damn thing. Be good looking and sing like I am inside myself. People are attracted when I sing on the bus, really. I try often to get a sing along going, just like I was back in my younger years, and the best time of my life the harmony was sooo fantastic. I wish every day was a girl scout day, and I didn't have to look at anyone like I had to slap the consititution into them. I need bandaides for my evil eye, sometimes too. Looks good, just like I knew it would. Well from the outside, anyway. Who could image what it looks like, after all what does it look like after you had it so many times? Now, I think your album will make me seek sexual education courses, wow I think you started a revolution. I am at awe.

I found out that even all these years, the people supported Ozzy without Ozzy truely identifying with the public. It has been one trip after another, I don't know how great it was to him to know the man that taught him what love was. Damn he would have sold a child's ass to join the band. Demons and devils get away with so much, after knowing Ozzy in 1969, I met Saul in 1971. Wasn't it like one big happy family then. You may have balls to be who you are, but by now they must stink like whores ass. I know I wish you had not had been such a druggie. I wish you had just took that estranged pecker head David Dodge under your arm, since he knew sooooo much. I thank Sharon for wishing me such a happy christmas, too bad it didn't work out the way she thought it would. But, I can still hear you sing. Yea, I made it thru life listening to you. I think after the way I was treated it is amazing that I lived to hear it, I can't say that I would enjoy it as raw as Willy Dilly Rose did, I am just glad I don't have to take it up the ass for the life you would chose. Herion is not my treat even at 5 years old, but it is for Charlie Manson. Let the sun shine in, faces with a grin. Christianity is not what the planet thinks it is, your right. I have to listen to the screams of the last days of my life, and remember the past. It must of been more fun for the guys than the girls, unless they are all on so much drugs they can't think for themselves.
Have fun, it means more to yoo than me.

I don't know why Willy got away with so much, is it due to the orgies in Hollywood? Why is an old syphilis pecker pegging your daughter for, she is younger than me. I would have shot him or ripped his dreadlocks out. I knew him before he went to Hollywood and he was brought up to be a mean ass gay mafia puke. Queer he says, yea, he loved it when he was on drugs, from the time he was 10 years old, and so full of new england laughia mafia who the f*** cares unless there getting intoxicated, polluted, drug filled and unfeeling childish bs night. No charm what so ever that Willy Dilly, if his dick was his horse, he would be chasing it from dusk to dawn. Well I guess he could not get a way with making a five year old pin up, without making her understand how much he hated her life, and why due to how he thinks he is better than a small girl, unless it was his own little cum spit. Will sold his soul, spilled some blood, and left some scars. That is something for the creep to dwell on in the pit of emptiness that is void a heart. I heard him. He sold his soul, and isn't it glamorous. s***! He had many more ways to say he was sorry, and one of them was by blaming those he knew. Yea, I know he probably thinks he getting a kick with his big elated head, interfering in places he shouldn't, and thinking is only the hardest part of it, because I was never jealous of his dream, or how he insulted me to acheive it. Is that what everyone thinks a man is made of? Is that what we are made to admire? Not me! There was something I wanted to tell, and with more spine than his own. I tell Kelly that thing he has would make her thing stink, her everything, and I much rather rubb a bag of money on mine that is due to the disease wouldn't live there to remind me of what a mistakes a man can love on his narcisist down slide thinking he mirrors off of what is supposed to be better than him. I am glad she left his nasty low ass juvenile s***. He has no heart, he never did. I remember that! It will stay with me for the rest of my life, and see if I give a s*** about whether he stared at this six year old in an anethesia stare, and repeating how much he hates me, I just don't care. She should toss that one to the curb, and forget the nasty thing that shines out his face in distaste for anything real. It is just looking to mirror off or sponge off those who don't deserve the tasteless thrill. He doesn't love you, nor does he love anyone else but his self, and the tumult he causes when it involves someone else's happiness.

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Guys go to you tube an type in crucify the dead! Great song!! GREAT!

Let the madness begin!

CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR YOU AND SLASH!!! You truely are a f***ing die hard!

Michelle Simmons

My name is Tony Liberati, I am 47 years old and grew up with your music. I started playing bass, by ear when I was 20 and started a rock band. Within 4months o f picking up my bass we were playing in bars. Anyway I began writing some lyrics, which I had never done before. I really wanted to write some killer tunes like you. Due to a series of unfortunate mishaps my band broke up I got married and again, fell short of accomplishing my goal. My wife has chrones disease so I spent a lot of time taking care of her and our two beautiful children.. My mother died on December 8, 1996. Exactly one year later on december 8, 1997 I went into a coma due to spinal meningitus. Two months later I woke up. I found out that the virus had gotten into my heart and I was told I could never work again and that I needed a heart transplant within 3 to 5 years or I would die. Well I'm happy to say that 11 years later I am still kicking and finally writing music. My friend Hector is my guitar player, he lays down the guitar and mixes our songs. i write the lyrics, play the bass, and do tyhe vocals. The cool thing is Hector lives in Toronto Canada and I live in Novi Michigan. We compose all our tunes via the internet thru emails. We would love for you to hear some of our songs. You were and still are the biggest musical and lyrical influence in my life. Please give us a listen, i think you might like what you hear. My email is Thank you for your time. Keep jammin

i cant wait to buy the cd..

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i can t wait to buy the cd...thanks
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Great combination. Rock on!

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