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The Show was Awesome!!!!

Ozzfest was killer in Phoenix!
Main stage started at 6:00 with LODRI, they put on a great show!
7:00 was Statix-X. Another awesome performance!, 8:00 was LAMB OF GOD! Oh my God!!!!
They blew me away! And of course we know who @ 9:30. He was great!! Put on a killer show, opened with Bark @ the Moon, played War Pigs, Crazy Train, Zack did an awesome solo incorporating the star spangled banner - a version that was very unique and intense - not just a Jimi Hendrix copy thing. I bought the pre-sale copy and got great seats in sec 101, as well as lawn tickets from Monster! Thanks for the awesome show All. So what did everyone think?
p.s. stay away from the tweaker guy selling the confetti- you can get it cheaper buy cutting up paper.


I got to the show about 5 minutes before Ozzy started. This was my first Ozzy show after 25 or so years of being a fan. He has so much energy its amazing. His voice was great and he kept the crowd going the whole time, what a showman!!

Thanks so much for the free tickets, this was a very special event for me.

Hatebreed was awsome in the parking lot.
All Right Now! Oh YEAH!

Ozzfest 07 RULED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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