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when did u started liking ozzy and what do u like ab...

i started liking ozzy since i was little and what i love about him he is funny and awesome love hiiiimmmmmmmmm


Since the beginning of this year, i've been completly converted!It was when i first heard 'Crazy Train' that got me. If it wasn't for that 'ALL ABOARD!! HAHAHAH!!!' Thing, i probably would be typing this now! Good work, Ozzy!
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what i really love about ozzy today is that he is so shy about ~but has worked so hard to live well with~ his physical disability. when i look at season 1 of the Osbournes and see him filmed where his hands shake and he presses them under his arms or holds them pointedly still ... to be honest i want to scream and hug the man BIG TIME. it makes me sad that he seems self-conscious about it. i'm thinking as an addict it would be small wonder he ended up drugging and drinking until numb, maybe to ignore what his issues were physically with his disease (and possibly to drown out the way he's discounted in his own home).

to me, it's just parkins, and it's no big deal. he is Ozzy Osbourne, a f***ing legend and ONE BEAUTIFUL MAN, shaking hands and awkward gait or not. he's my hero. he's always been my hero.

i love his humor and heart and that soul who is Ozzy ~ the spirit that shines out of his eyes. i'll love the man even when all i can see is his dimple and his eyes, when the wrinkles on his face take over and blend with those of his neck and belly.

what i DON'T like is the disrespect he is shown over and over from his wife and his daughter. no matter how much at other times they ignore or show love and softness to him, more than anything on this planet THAT makes me pi$$ed off.

I can't seem to see you baby ... although my eyes are open wide ... but I know I'll see you once more ... when I see you, I'll see you on the other side

When my older brother brought home Blizzard of Ozz. I was hooked

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I started to like Ozzy a few years ago after I heard "Crazy Train". I know the song came out more than a few years ago,but that song got me curious and now I have the album "Black Rain", all the seasons of The Osbournes, read Sharon's book, have one of Kelly's albums, want to go to Ozzfest some year. What I like about Ozzy is that he is very funny and never ceases to amaze me with his antics and talent.

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I started listening to Ozzy when i was 12 and I am 34 now. I was a problem Child. So I heard you can't kill Rock and Roll and I was Hooked.
I then got Blizzard and The Ultimate sin.
It was probaly around 1988.
I also loved the Speak Of The Devil album.
I have all of Ozzy's releases and Rare Demos.

I was glad to Hear The song THE REBEL when it leaked out.
I hope we get a song for Jim and When I came Down.

Such a really wonderful music i like it
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Ozzy was pivotal to me too Gimp.I grew up with occasional physical but every other kind of abuse also. i'm sure that's true for you too, rarely does abuse come singularly. So when his voice rang out to me:

"What is this that stands before me
A figure in black which points at me
Turn round quick and start to run
Found out I'm the chosen one
Oh no Please God Help Me!"


i was beaten. neglected. emotionally abused. shamed for being. my mom was in a cult where a pope wanna-be went around with minions flicking holy water onto people expecting them to do an instant recumbant (called "falling in the spirit" - and if you didn't they'd be quite upset and push your head down to make you fall). people spoke with garbled words and that was "speaking in tongues." these were people seeking something based on a book of love but twisting it into the greatest evil i have ever seen.

it was all quite intense and fervent, but it was a crock. in fairness even at 12 i gave it a try, but it just was a bunch of bull$hit. so i didn't want to go. thus began a relentless years long battle with me spiritually with my own mother and sister saying I was a daughter of satan and had the mark of the beast on me.

as a child trying to survive? to hear Ozzy's distinct voice boldly and loudly crying out to her hypocrisy and offense to the word "mother" was a lifesaver.

i will love him forever for that :o). 'cept i am a woman and i can say "in that way" cuz it would be all right for me to ~ lol. and if there were a chance in HELL to literally love up on the man, you bet everything i would.

WHAT a hoe!!! (LOL)
I can't seem to see you baby ... although my eyes are open wide ... but I know I'll see you once more ... when I see you, I'll see you on the other side

i was nine,,and im now nearly very nearly 42,,and so the journey continues with the ozman,,, and really if i had to go into why i like him i can just say,,he released me from a life of childhood beatings,,he saved my life,,and for that i love him,------,oh just in case not in a creepy way-----


i first heard Ozzy back in 1976/1977. My cousin was into Sabbath and got me hooked. What I love about him is his voice. Long, long, long before I ever knew his face on a 2-D album cover I knew and loved his voice in the setting of Sabbath songs.

But I also love how he always seems so not full of himself. Kind, gentle, a tender-heart. I love that he gets just as excited to see us as we are to see him. and I love at concerts when he's talking to the fans to rile us up and you can hear that love in his voice.

I love his dimples. And any woman on the planet who would not love Ozzy's looks is in a casket. He is one sexy man. It's in the way he moves. Smiles. Talks. Is. I guess it's the sense of his kindness wrapped in with his darkness that just freaks me out and makes me want to climb aboard the Crazy Train (lol) ;o). Just as much today as 30 years ago.

I can't seem to see you baby ... although my eyes are open wide ... but I know I'll see you once more ... when I see you, I'll see you on the other side

I started to listen ozzy this febrary with the cd the ultimate sin. I didn't feel well and i found in ozzy a guide, i didn't know why but i founded myself in his songs and in me was born a new side of my characters and from then i started to listen ozzy specially his guitartist randy rhoads and zakk wylde they are my guitarhero

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Hmm, I should add whever Black Sabbath year was born. lol. I cant think far back.:P
I love your music Ozzy!!!

when i first heard sabbath bout 1980 Paronoid re-release

I was 13 yrs old! Ozzy pictures covered my bedroom door. Now I'm 38 and still get so pumped up when I hear him! I'll be at Ozzfest and Can't wait! I have every CD - Black Sabbath - thru Present.
See You all There!!! Let's Party!

I was 13 the year was 1995 and I saw the music video for "Perry Mason" on mtv then i was hooked. have been ever sine this will be my six time seeing him at ozzfest.


I was about 12-13. Probably 13

I've been the king I've the clown,now broken dreams can't hold me down I'm free again.

--Good bye to all affairs.

I was 11 when I'm started to listen Ozzy... And when I'm started to interest rock-music! Ozzy is my "A" in rock-ABC.

I was roughly 11 years old - listening to BS and sticking with Ozzy . What I like the most about Ozzy is the way he always presented himself on stage, he is in control with a fun attitude style to grab peeps attentions and motivation.

apachedog...been a fan since I was a teen and I am 53 years old now....going to Ozzfest and get the goose bumps when Ozzy comes on.

Heard his very first album(yes vinyl folks) and was blown away!! Although I was a big fan of Black Sabbath, when ozzy went solo is was great!!! Went to his concert tour and was just so blown away at the show it was insane!! Ozzy and Randy were the best!!!! Ozzy made the 80's bearable and wonderful!!!!!

Assume Nothing, Question Everything. Take Nothing for granted.

I start to lisent Ozzy music in 2005.Ozzy music save me from suicide.
\m/ God bless Ozzy \m/

I too loved Sabbath from the vinyl era saw him first in 1976 - and been a fan ever since - I like him cos he talks just like I do - with a Brummie accent, and he is a naturally funny guy, I heard that his new album has been dispatched to me today and I cant wait!!!!

I was 16, the world seemed crap and then I found Ozzy's music and an outlet. My dream was to see him perform but never had transport/money. Then I saw him in birmingham this month. He totally rocked and I love him even more. What an atmosphere!



february 13 1970 oh ya

When my older brother brought home Blizzard of Ozz. I was hooked

When a friend loaned me BLIZZARD, I was hooked! Then about 3 weeks later his new album DIARY came out. Then I was REALLY HOOKED! Been an OZZY FREAK ever since! Seen him LIVE 6 times so far.

Ozzy is just the ultimate metal-man.
O Z Z Y - R U L E Z !

My dad bought me a sabbeth CD on my 13th birthday i was amazed by the way he sung. The CD was the best of black sabbeth i dont know if ever since that time i have ever found a song i have hated even listing to the new song i am still amazed in his vioce no-one could ever take that away.

First time for me was 1980 I was nine and it was my first metal album.It was the first Sabbath album on eight track.The picture looked scary so I put it in and its been on ever since.Seen him 15 times and this Ozzfest will be number 16.See you there.

I was a Sabbath fan from ummm, wayyyyyyyyy back in the late 60's then 70's and thankfully, Ozzy went solo been a fan ever since. I have all his albums except black rain which I need to get. I'm an old Heavy METAL , fart lets just leave it at that. LOL.

What's your fave Ozzy song?

I love your music Ozzy!!!

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