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What the hell . Again with the no jersey stuff . What is it with nobody wanteing to come to jersey . Ozzy has ALWAYS played any of his big stadium style stuff at the contental arena !!!!!!!!!! why are we left out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh well another ozzy show that jersey cant enjoy , WTF


It would be great for ozzy to play in New Jersey, maybe at the new Perdential Stadium in Newark!!! If I have to I'll just go to msg again.

Man, we need OZZY back in Atlanta asap

I'm from NJ and personally I'd rather see Ozzy at MSG than the Meadowlands.

I think (don't quote me) that there is a problem with the booking in NJ after the Ozzfest a couple of years ago.........

Love Rose.....................

Goodbye to Romance

That is nothing....he has not played Atlanta in 5 years....yes, I SAID ATLANTA, the largest city in the Southeatern USA.
What a dip-s***.

Gotta drive to MSG you Devils suckers!!! hehehehe, RAAAANNGEEEERRSSS!!! C'mon Ozzy, where is the sale for MSG???

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