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Ozzy rocks Oslo!!!

Oh yeah!!! This is gonna be so #"#¤#"%#%¤% great!!!! I really can't wait!!! Are anyone els going?


trodde det kom i morgen jeg. men har nå bestilt det allerede
Fix me!!!

got the album today! don't know if i like it though, got a couple of good tracks, but it's too much BLS....but the show in Oslo will be awesome!!!

Inte långt kvar, jag längtar som fan te konserten!!!

Sure mate. got my tickets the very same day they got out.
can't wait seeing the mighty zakk rip it up!!!
Fix me!!!

Last time was in Oslo with Black Sabbath. It will be so great to see him with his famous solo songs this time. Tomorrow we must buy Black Rain Rooocke'n roooooooooollll.

kommer ikke albumet ut først på onsdag?!
R.I.P Randy Rhoads

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