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The best Ozzy song?

Hello people. what song do you think is the best ozzy song of 'em all?
personally i love "mr. Tinkertrain".


My favourite all-time song is Time after Time, but Goodbye To Romance is also wery strong song. While a concert in <a href=""> Brasov </a>, Romania, fans waiting.

I think its over the mountain

My favroite Ozzy songs are Crazy Train, No More Tears, Bark at the Moon, I Don't Want to Change the World [Live], and Mama, I'm Coming Home. My favroite songs from Ozzy's Sabbath are: Black Sabbath, Paranoid, War Pigs, Iron Man, Am I Going Insane (Radio), N.I.B, and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.

Crazy Train


i would choose mr. crowley

all his music rules

My favorites would have to be I Don't Wana Stop, Crazy Train + N.I.B

nobody mentioned Zombie Stomp
but Over the Mountain is my F***ing FAVORITE

hmmm, theres so many, but if i have to pick...revelation

Best Black Sabbath songs top 3

The Thrill of it all

The Writ


Best Ozzy songs top 3

Diary of a Madman

Little Dolls

Revolution mother earth

Diary of a Madman

I love all of ozzys songs but mine is close my eyes forever with lita ford that song is cool, but I also like crazy train and all time is see you on the other side cause I know that song is about randy rodes who was the gutair player for crazy train. which is cool. but my faviorte right now is I don't wanna stop off his new ablum black rain, I will probably pick that one up when I have money again.

ozzy rules

I love ozzy osbourne he is awsome

I think the greatest song Ozzy's ever written during his solo career is the title-track of "Diary of a Madman". It's one of the greatest song ever written!!

Ozzy's loud voice and Randy's AWESOME guitar playing goes hand in hand in this wonderful Hard Rock Anthem!

Randy Rhoads, you will always be one of the greatest guitar players in this world!!!

Rest In Peace, My friend.

Giants sleeping giants winning wars
Within their dreams
Till they wake when its too late
And in gods name blaspheme

F yeah to all of them.

Do you guys ever wonder why your mama doesn't like OzzY?
Seriously, my parents don't like it or so they say. What is their probleM?

Every song of Ozzy is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Screaming at the window... (c) Ozzy

In my opinion, Revelation(Mother Earth) is the best song that OZZY has done, followed
closely by Mr. Tinkertrain.

Hard to pick just one, I'll go with

Revelation Mother Earth

O Z Z Y - R U L E Z !

Too hard to choose!
What is this that stands before me?

Oh, I could never decide just ONE song, since I love so many! One of the best though is Diary of a Madman. It just touches me, bizarrelly enough, but what I like so much with Ozzy: he always made songs with an actual theme. It's not just about death, blood and guts, and of course sex. Th songs have meanings, you know. Of course, there's always room for some silly songs :)

One of the best with Sabbath? The Warning.

Always: Expect the worst!


i would have to say i dont know has gotta be the best, i mean come on, have u heard the song live for gods sake!!!!

Diary Of A Madman

Hard to pick one...Crazy Train, Mr.Crowley and Road to nowhere to start with....with Sabbath I'd go with Symtop of the universe,Never say die and Sabbath Bloddy Sabbath but I could go on and on.

Ozzy rules!!

There's many good songs: Road to Nowhere - Crazy Train - See You on the Other Side - Mr. Crowley - Flying High Again - Diary of a Madman - Breakin' all the Rules - Ghost Behind my Eyes - Mr. Tinkertrain - Mama I'm Coming Home - Time After Time - Hellraiser - No More Tears - Dreamer - Goodbye to Romance - Close My Eyes Forever - I Ain't No Nice Guy - And from the new album: Not Going Away - I Don't Wanna Stop - Lay Your World on Me - Here For You.


There is not one song that I will refuse to listen to. Of course there are songs I listen to a little less often, such as AVH, but I like all of Ozzy's songs.

Its impossible not have hear I Don't Know if you've seen Ozzy live, just like Paranoid. IMO those two need to be retired for a few years

Tony Iommi = God, his arch angels are Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Walker, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Dave Donato, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen, Tony Martin, and Bill Ward (bassically everyone who sang on a song labeled Black Sabbath)

i really really love Bark at the moon
also Steal Away, Back on Earth, I Just Want You, Old LA tonight, Party with the animals, shot in the dark, secrete loser (I love this song), Trap Door, Lay you world on me, facing hell, running of time, s.a.t.o, and the rest of them

i love way too many of his songs to just pick one but i guess i will anyway

Ozzy- Desire

Black Sabbath- NIB (awesome song)

Hard to pick just one but No More Tears & Shot In The Dark are a couple of my favorites.

heelraiser is awsome but his new album black rain kicks ass!!!

if you have a problem with ozzy, you have a problem with me!!!

as a new ozzie fan following seeing him live in london last week,courtesey of my partner who has been a long time fan, i have to say that all his set was just plain amazing .I already liked mamma im coming home (as a girl i was bound to!!) but now feel that Paranoid, suicide solution,bark at the moon and dont want to stop are beyond any descriptive words and that the man ,no the legend that is ozzy is just a powerhouse of energy and creativity with a gift for being as fresh as his first song .if you read this Mr j osbourne THANK YOU for a truly amazing experience and i embrace the dark side of rock that you embody!!!

Can't get tired of any OZZY songs. Can't retire any of them either. Those two song kick major ass.


Hellraiser, Perry Mason, Gets me Through
Beware of the Ozzman!!

so many to choose from. mine are no more tears,goodbye to romance, his version of in my life. but the one song that depics my entire life and that i will have played at my funeral, yes i will have an ozzy song at my funeral is "Crazy Train".that is my favorite,and anyone who knows me knows that is my song and describes me to a t

Princess of Darkness...

Over the moutain, or you cant kill rock n roll

toooooooo many to pick from!

The Almighty Dollar
Crazy Train
Facing Hell
Diary of the Madman
Not Going Away
I Don't wanna Stop
Black Rain
I Just Want You
Lay Your World on Me
Civilize the Universe

there are a lot more but I'm just naming a few

What a tough question!!!! I really love No More Tears!!!

crazy train

lost my mum 12 months ago so -mamma im coming home - go`s straight to my heart - i sing along with ozzy with a tear in my eye

Top 4:

1. Crazy Train
2. Suicide Solution
3. I Don't Wanna Change the World
4. Paranoid

All Ozzy song.But The Almighty Dollar have a special place in my head !

I love NMT too! I love Ozzy music! But I love "Diary" more!
Screaming at the window... (c) Ozzy

How could anyone choose??? Crazy Train in the song that first turned me on to Ozzy so i will go with it.


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Hard to pick with so many good ones. I'll go with Suicide Solution, one that I don't see mentioned by anybody else so far.

I gotta go with Desire!

Oh yeah.. The Al-mighty dollar is damn good. The greed greed greed..... I can sure relate to that. By the way that was the song I posted in the mental health site and got f***in bashed big time. Guess the truth hurts aye? ;)

back on earth, paranoid

keep it real, hard, and heavy as hell
Bleed Black Label Society

Bark at the moon for me (I just spent 6 months learning it, and I never get tired of it!!!)

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Damn right it's a hard pick...
I'll have to say... Over a mountain.

Now thats with stiff competition from. No bone movies! That is one raw song, I like the jam session sound in it.
Metal head... And damn proud!!!

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