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Please Come To Halifax Ozzy!

Hey ozzy, i'm not sure if your aware or not, there is a petition on facebook to get you to come here. I'm not sure if that would work or not but you really should come here. You would make alot of money as the eastcoast of Canada, everyone loves ya here. Please come here! You wouldn't regret it! You should get kelly to join you!



I`m happy for all you out in Halifax,..I thought of this post/thread when I saw Halifax Nova Scotia confirmed,...congrats and have fun seeing Ozzy!!!!

Dam man for sure you know how many people from the east coast travel around just to see you me and 5 of my friends are going from nova scotia to edmonton to listen to your tunes we f***ing love your music your a genius and congrats on the new album i was in shock when it came out i love every song KEEP ON ROCKING OZZY YOUR THE MAIN MAN !!!!!!!!!!! long live rock and roll and THE OZZ MAN

I totally agree with the Oct 9 posting - COME TO HALIFAX MAN!!! Halifax is FINALLY starting to get some big names (with the exception of [ugh] Celine Dion - who the hell thought that up?????) and the Ozzman would be a MASSIVE favorite to add to that list!! My b/f told me that if Ozz ever came to Halifax, he would personally do everything (and I mean everything) in his power to get me to the concert.

I'm getting to be an old woman....I need some excitement back in my life LOL


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