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Pittsburg, PA Concert

I went to the Mellon Areana website and the concert for 12/20/07 wasn't on the list. I email them and ask why. It has been postponed according to them. Wondering why this isn't on ozzy.com? If anybodys knows please inform us. Thank you.


Does any know how long the show last? I wandering because I'm getting a limo to take me and bring me back. I need to know how long I need there services?

PLEASE COME TO PITTSBURGH PA!!! I don't want to go to Cleveland, lol, as you know us Pittsburghers don't like them and I am sure the feelings are mutual. An even better reason than that, I went to see Ac/Dc at some big center over there and was too scared to drink too much or dance, cause the event center's seats were so damn steep thought for sure I would be crowd surfing in a bad way. SO come to Pittsburgh, we love you and Rob Zombie. You and Rob and family can stay with me, we'll have a good time:)
Ang says Ozzy Rules!

I saw that Oz will be in Cleveland on the 20th.

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