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Black Sabbath Concert in Germany in the 70's

Can anyone tell me what city in Germany that Black Sabbath/Ozzy played in where Van Halen was the opening act and when Sabbath came out played three songs then had audio system problems. There were people throwing things on stage and I was hit in the back of the head with a Budweiser (thanks for the free beer). I was told to leave and left after seeing some fans throw stuff at the stage and were immediately jacked up by a guy who was 6 foot tall and sideways. Bam with one hand while holding onto a fifth in the other. Loved the concert and appreciated the reimbursement for the short concert. I had to give up the ticket for the reimbursement and was young and dum and should have kept it.

Can't wait to see Ozzy this Friday.


I bet it was amazing, just to be in germany, sad it had to be canceled

Diana Ramirez

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