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Ozzy's Set List

What can we expect in Halifax? Any reponses would be appreciated.


Man, thats a pretty soild set list

no more tears, should be essential

he's gonna play "fire in the sky" and not "shot in the dark"??...

I just read on a Metal Sludge thread that Ozzy dropped all of the Sabbath Tunes except Paranoid and also dropped Fire in the Sky.

I hope you're wrong about that anonymous.

hey to the prick that called people from halifax dumb, f*** yourself you little b****

lol, actually I'm not from Halifax I just think it's a little to ignornant and prejustice to insult a whole city

they are just stateing their opinion, it's a forum.

OZZY changed Fire in the sky to Hole in the sky.......I wish

Well this is a forum, you can state your opinion on what you want to hear? I mean is it doing any harm to anyone? No. Its just like hey, i wish he would play this song, oh yah thats a good song too bad. Not , Man your a Fa**ot he's not gonna play that. and who knows, the prine of fu**in darkness can play whatever the hell he feels like playing at any point in time. haha


I'm hoping for Don't Wanna Change The World, Suicide Solution, Road To Nowhere, Into The Void, I Don't Know for sure. He's playing some of those tunes pretty consistently so I hope Hfx is no exception.



I really hope he plays Goodbye to Romance, Flying High Again, and Time after Time.
I haven't seen any of these on his previous set lists, so I think I am in for disappointment. But frankly, I couldn't care less if he plays nothing, I just want to see him!

what did he play in moncton.????........figure it will be the same

mama im comin home, will be epic, lighters and the entire crowd will sing along, and yes he should play flying hig again cause thats a good song

01. I Don't Wanna Stop
02. Crazy Train
03. Suicide Solution
04. Mr. Crowley
05. Not Going Away
06. Into The Void
07. Road To Nowhere
08. Fire in the Sky
09. Bark at the Moon
10. Guitar Solo (Zakk Wylde)
11. I Don't Know
12. Here For You
13. I Don't Want to Change the World
14. Mama I'm Coming Home
15. Paranoid
16. Iron Man
17. Sweet Leaf
18. Children of the Grave

That's the setlist right there. I'd like to see a couple more older ones but still happy overall.

I like all listed ,but would love to hear "flying high" n "facing hell" <-------- esp

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