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Hello Ozzy! How are you??? Me, it's so so... I've got cough and I'm cold! (I'm a write-off though I'm 17!!!) Although I'm not so well, It's during all day that I'm singing "Dreamer"! (Maybe I'm dreaming to meet you!)
(My friends said:"Please, Val! Shut-up!" Not 'coz they don't like you, but 'coz I sing everyday (all your songs!).
When my phone rings, "Ironman "starts .Am I fanatic???
Today my cousine give me Christmas present She said:"Look it, 'coz I don't know if you like this..." Though it's not yet Christmas I open the present (My cousine wanted see my face) and I found........YOUR CD about a Concert!!!! I was too happy. After I saw (only saw!) the CD, my cousine closed-it into the gift-wrap! "Ok!- She said- I choise the right thing for you!" I'm going to TRY to resist to the temptation to open the gift-wrope before Christmas, but it's a hard enterprise! Maybe I'll open it tonight!
Well... that's all! I'm going to write you tomorrow! kiss kiss

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