BRING ZOMBIE TO THE MARITIMES!!! | The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site


These shows sold out mega fast, even all the VIP's were snapped up. If it's the only time Ozz comes to our area, set it off right and bring Zombie with you!! Fans here are going to blow Ozzy's mind not just because it's huge rock city but Sabbath and Ozzy music is religious here....the shows will be nuts!!

Sometimes artists have the best live experiences when they play secondary markets because they play the same cities to the same fans tour after tour. When they play a new town that maybe doesn't get a whole lot of shows...they fell the gratitude and love man. If anybody was at the Pearl Jam show in Halifax...those guys were blown away by the response. You could see it, wasn't faked or forced.

ROB...get your ass down here!!



I like Rob Zomnie and all but 98% of the people are there for Ozzy. I don't care who opens. OZZY RULES!!!!!!!!!

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