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OMG. I'm SO F***** HAPPY!!!!!

I can't believe. Now I'm holding Ozzy's Dvd. "Don't blame me: the tales of Ozzy Osbourne" ...
I just CAN'T F***** Believed!!! :DDD My Parents give it to me, For Christmas. I can't wait till i watch it.

Me To!!! I can watch and watch those videos about Ozzy, All the time! When i come from school first thing i do, turn on the music. Next, (after homework ;D ) I watch Videos abut Ozzy. I don't care, if i seen this or not, i could watch and watch the same videos over and over again.

I REALLY liked The album "Black rain". It's absolutely Great! And it's not slow, it's just... much more mature. I think.... Any way, I Totally Agree whit You. Its some of the best s*** Ozz has ever done! ;D

Ozzy. I Really Love, You and Your Music. You, man, Changed my life. Your are the one of greatest persons on all f***** earth. To see you alive, It's my dream of a life time. Thx You, For being here for Us, Your Fans, And For all the F***** Great Music You make.

Always faithful - Nisu- From Lithuania.

In one of His concerts Ozzy said:
If you listen To Ozzy Osbourne YOU WILL ALL GO TO HELL!!!!
And then i thought, if ozzy will be there to, IT'S GREAT! ;DDD
love u Ozz

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