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If Paul mc cartney was an unknown musician, and tried to get the lastest single released, the record company would ahve laughed at him. What load of rubbish it is. Mc. Cartney sold out and became totally comercial. Ozzy is Ozzy, is Ozzy, he puts out great music, to be slammed by the idiots, the fools, the musically blind, etc.

Ozzy is a fun guy. Have you not seen the Ozbournes. I have met people who have met at family do's and say what you see is what you get.

How come Paul Mc cartney got knighted in England? Twice if we want to be funny about it. He gave the first one back when he was with the Beatles, Fact.

The is a pettion on the UK Government Web site asking for signature, to recommend Ozzy for a Knighthood. Check out the forum. It appears unless you live in England, you can ot vote. In the words of the Anti Nowhere league "SO WHAT". If you live in the Commonwealth write to your High Commsioner, and also follow the leads I have listed. Let us get the world behind Ozzy the man, Ozzy the entertainer, Ozzy the Charity worker, Ozzy the all round guy.

Let us do something usful, and bombard the people in power, let us have people power, or the Governemnt for the people, by the people. sounds catchy does not it.

Keep on Rocking

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