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Dio is great. Ozzy is great. You don't have to like Dio just like you don't have to like David Coverdale. Listen to the music you like and don't complain about the music you don't like. I like Dio and EVERY era of Black Sabbath ((Ian Gillian, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen, and Tony Martin)

I must disagree with the Ozzy is the real deal because it has been 10 f***ing years since he reunited with Sabbath and we've only gotten 2 studio songs (one of which doesn't have Bill playing drums) a one new live song. They are all great but Ozzy is jerking us around touring with Sabbath every other year and promising new material and never delivering.

Tony got together with Ronnie and wrote three amazing songs. I just don't understand how Ozzy can release an amazing new album with Zakk and not even try with Tony. Fused was awsome Black Rain is killer.

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