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Confirmation Email for reprints of Tix

I know it was a suck job, ..I know it took hours, and now, some folks may be wondering this, goes.
Opened email, and believe it or not, got the confirmation email for my you dont get one for a few hours, then, just will come. It gives you access to the tix again, and you can reprint.

I see alot of people are pissed..but, did anyone REALLY not think the servers were gonna f***in explode? For as much as I want to start screaming and yelling about it too, think about whats gonna happen on the 12th...that s***s gonna be worse than it was for code holders last night.

The only saving grace, is that my kids gonna get to see Ozzy with his dad, plain and simple. Dont give a f*** about what seats I got, dont give a f*** about wasting a few hours, dont give a f*** about any of the a**holes who are making a quick buck reselling their tix.

Hope all of you lucky enough to get tix have an AWESOME time, and those that are still waiting, I hope you get a decent response time from that f***ed LiveNation site. Calm down, take a breath, and the bigger wait now comes for the concert itself, right? August 20th is a long long way away.


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