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handicap seating

ok livenation wasn't ready but give them a break. they are trying/ . the only trouble i had was waiting time but there was no link for handicap seating and hopefully someone will get back to me today. thats why i bought the cd right away .so wish us luck and hopefully someone from livenation will get back to us like the said in their email. just hang in there , there are free tickets. - and we are still going - penny and korey weir


Break? I too needed handicap seating, but if you call the 1-800-431-3462 number that the venues were told to give out, you get a recording, followed by the sound of you just being disconnected. The LiveNation Entity that is supposed to be sponsoring this, and is calling this a FREE concert not only does NOT accomodate the handicap, not only does the website when trying to redeem tickets say "please be patient to keep your place in line, and that too isn't true" but now the FREE concert is now a BIDDING CONTEST sponcered by Live Nation ! This system is so completely unfair. It would have been more fair to sell the tickets like a normal show. The tickets they give you, if you were lucky enough to get one are the worst seats and all the good seats are up for auction, and untouchable to the average person, nevermind handicap and can't afford it. Everything about the way Live Nation handled this, is unethical and wrong! Don't count on an email or call back, they can't call back if you can't even leave a message. This is a shame for people like me who now can't go to the show, and probably won't ever have the opportunity again.

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