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Hey fellow Metal Heads! My boyfriend and I always get VIP tix for OZZFEST. This is the first year that we know about the auction for the Platinum Package where you get to meet Ozzy as well as be on stage and all the other goodies that come with VIP. We know a few things about the auction, but, what we would like to know from anyone who has done this in the past is-What is it all about? Do they rush you through as you say hi and shake hands or is there an alotted amount of time that you get to spend with the band? We know they are auctioning off 10 per show. Last year we talked to a guy who bought this package and he was the only one who did for our venue. (If you are out there e-mail me!! I talked to you right before you left with Eddie, the tour guide, to go meet Ozzy. You told me that you were gonna have dinner with him. Did you?? e-mail me!!) Anyways, if anyone has some input I would greatly appreciate it! We will be seeing OZZFEST at Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy, Wisconsin.
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I did the Platinum package last year. It was a set price of $1,000, not an auction like it is this year. You got the perks of the PLARS package as well as dinner with Big Dave backstage. I saw members of a few other Ozzfest bands wandering around and got to meet them. I'm not sure if they are doing the dinner this year.

After dinner we waited in an area backstage where we were supposed to meet Ozzy. He was late getting to the venue so we had to postphone the meet and greet until after his set. This meant missing the last 2 songs of his set, but the view from the first few rows (dead center) was fantastic.

There were 10 people who bought the package so they let us in two at a time. We got to talk to Ozzy for about 5-10 minutes and then posed for pictures. We all got tourbooks signed by Ozzy and his band.

Overall it was a great experience and I would have done it this year if it wasn't more than $1,000. Meeting Ozzy was fantastic (he had us cracking up and is very appreciative of his fans) and the money goes to chairty.

Have a good time and enjoy all of the perks Ozzfest VIP has to offer! Tell Ozzy I said hi. :D

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