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Ozzy is back and may I say without everybody going insane and calling me a a**hole, but Im going to say th obvious its better then the last album we all know that Black Rain was kinda f***ed up it ranked in the era of Ozzmosis and Ozzman Cometh. But Scram is amazing its starts out with the rocking Let it die of songs that compare to suicide solution and Over the Mountain. Th album then takes on a trip of songs that make you reminisce of songs such as Mama im coming home and No More Tears. This album is amazing it end with a poem that is kinda of a ddication to the fans.

We all must stand together now
A one by one we fall
For all these years you stood by me
God bless
I love you all
~Ozzy Osbourne~

this whole album is amazing and it will stand the test of time with the albums such as Blizzard of Oz and Diary of a madman.

Hes not going away and he Doesn't wanna stop.


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