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Ozzy you are an inspiration to ALL!!

Ozzy you've been my Idol since i was 9 i'm 42 now you give 1000% to your fans every single time and chance you get. Your are a true Idol and not only the one and only Prince of Darkness but an Inspiration to all young and old!! You never give up, back down or let your fans down. I love you Ozzy!! you will always be the best there is & NO ONE will ever match what you have accomplished. My dream is to shake your hand one day and say THANK YOU! not only for your music but your never ending sense of humor that on my darkest day makes me smile and happy again. Long Live Ozzy Osbourne !!!!!!!!!!


Here here.

I love the man myself. Who else has a voice that just gives you the shivers? Nobody I know but Ozzy! Who else smiles and it's so kind and so real and so welcoming you just gotta love him back? Nobody I know but Ozzy!

Ozzy is king!!!

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