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I'm NOT going away

Hi folks it's been a while and some may be asking, and some may not be asking where I have been!

Some say I may have been banned! NOPE

Some say I know what I am talking about! mostly true

Some say I am tall, hansome and AOK! May be just tall!

Some say this newly improved site is still slow, and like ground hog day trying to get back to the menu! YEP it still appears to be true!

Some say I have been working 12 hours days leaving me with no more than 2 hours to eat drink, shower check the mail/facebook, watch a little Tv and BED! YEP this is totally true!

So on my manytravels I have found a company called ODDLOVE, and they produce a series of Novelty plastic teddy bears in all manor of guises! they can be found at http://www.badtastebears.com/store I ordered the OZ BEAR which is 4" tall and has it bitting the head off a bat! One of my new American Facebook friends wanted one, but said she lived across the pond! I said check out the site, and low and behold she NOW OWNS an OZ BEAR!

I suggest that you click onto ALL figurines and see exactly what they sell! I think that you'll laugh, just a little at most of it! Blades and a few others are to get an Oz bear in the post when I get around to ordering a few! Besides I have 4 sitting next to me as i type! haha

So very soon I will drop back onto a shorter work pattern! This willgive me more time for more things, and that includes this site!

Sweet dreams


You've missed me and the others. PHA, hehehehe. Had things to do and live a bit of life. The Adventures Oz Bear, grow and grow, and did I say Grow. So Krazyasmofo join me on Face Book, and see the world wide Oz Bear Adventure unfold as they happen. Also you can link up with some of the other OLD HANDS! Kala's is doing fine, the Gimps, is, Cecilky's has had an accident, but now OK, LD's is taking a rest, BUT there is another in Germany, and he gets around. We even have Oz Bear walking on Water!

You've missed me and the others. PHA, hehehehe. Had things to do and live a bit of life. The Adventures Oz Bear, grow and grow, and did I say Grow. So Krazyasmofo join me on Face Book, and see the world wide Oz Bear Adventure unfold as they happen. Also you can link up with some of the other OLD HANDS! Kala's is doing fine, the Gimps, is, Cecilky's has had an accident, but now OK, LD's is taking a rest, BUT there is another in Germany, and he gets around. We even have Oz Bear walking on Water!

hey and j and everyone ive missed all you a- holes...

So here I am with another 5 minutes to spare out of my boring, mind numbing life! OR is it time to get a life, as I do not spend all day at a PC, and then do the same at night after work!

This site has sooooooo much potential, BUT sadly seldom few are here, as most are on Face Book! Could it STILL be the case that once you have posted a response, it is just like Ground Hog Day, getting back to your start point!

The last thing that this site wants or needs is someone with little or no knowledge, pontificationg that they Know ALL things Ozzy! Sadly there is only Ozzy, and his close knit group of family and band members who know more than WE ALL DO!

The best we can do is listen to his music, and watch Videos/DVD's and appreciate what we have in front of us!

Just found 5 minutes to spare, and thought I would check the site again!

Sadly, it looks like nothing has changed much. Still ground hog day once you have made a post, and STILL Sadly NOT MANY FANS HERE! AND yes there are those pontificating they ACTUALLY know something when sadly they know the same or less than everyone else!

O well, Nevermind, life goes on.

So what are we going to do to liven things up?

Back soon, unless someone gets me banned


i'm glad you and the others are continuing it on if that is what makes you happy - you know, it floats your boats :o). like i said, i moved on after the thrill passed.

and, yeah!!! of course i know Ozzy has a sense of humor. but somehow i don't think this would captivate him to the extent that it has some. just a guess. i know he loves his fans, but really.

i guess i am a spoil-sport. the floppy noodle. the wet blanket. the piece of fuzz on an otherwise delicious looking ice cream sundae. i thought it novel for a time, but now it is no longer interesting to me. yes, i did take mine to LA on vaca. and yes, it was fun posting my pics, especially the one with the Nightmare Before Christmas guy and some of the ones with HB. but long-term? it's not a replacement for me for real engagement surrounding Ozzy, his tour, his music, and interactions with other fans excited to be experiencing him at concerts this year. that is where my heart is.

ouch. is that why we've not been connecting lately? because I feel this way and have said so?

I think that ozzy has an amassing sense of humour, droping one of his motions into geezers wifes handbag when he was younger, setting Bill Ward's beard alight, soaking his adoring fans with buckets of water! Yep I think that he would love one!

Just had acknowledgement from KALA, that her Oz Bear that was ordered in September has arrived, so like several others look forward into ther Oz Bears travels! My Oz Bear had a cracking day out in France yesterday (271110) and had a lovely pub lunch today!

LD's has a wonderful life in Germany

Blades has a wonderful life in Arizona, and vacationed in LA

Cecilky's is having fun in Tasmania

And the Gimp's is running riot in Australia

And we have another in America and another in Germany.

So the phenomina of Oz Bear is spreading across the globe!

If you have one let me know so that the others can see your Oz Bear having fun. It will then mean becoming a facebook buddy of mine! shock horror!

Now why would the man have an Ozzbear. Unlike those of us with nothing better to do with our lives but buy little 4" plaster statues in a lame attempt to carry Ozzy with us in our boring lives as we go about doing things as drones do to entertain themselves...he probably spends his time doing interesting stuff, whatever he wants, anytime he wants.

On that thought, wouldn't it be just amazing to spend the day with him at his house like some of these bandmates have had the fortune of doing? I mean, how cool would that be? I wanna see him draw and paint. And talk about his collections. That'd be awesome.

scroll to the bottom. a lovely quirk of this site is if you change a post it goes to the bottom. guess it's to remind users they better say it like they mean it the first time.

I re check the site before I went to bed last night to discover that there were (my eyes may have decieved me) 1800+fans on line )did I read this wrong? I was there and I was not even logged in! So was it really saying that there were ONLY 1800+ members of this site?

Now I see there was a post about an hour ago in this thread, BUT where is it?

Also it really still like ground hog day trying to get back to the main menu! So is there a short cut?

Some say Oz Bear is real!

Some say that Oz Bear is lost on his way to Mexico! Yep there appears to be a problem, BUT I am on the case

Some say that Oz Bear lives in Germany and splits his time between homes!

Some say that Oz Bear Lives here in England, and I can confirm that he does

Some say that Oz bear has two homes in Canada, but is keeping a low, a very low profile!

Some say that Oz Bear lives in PA, and AZ

Some say he has 3 homes in NSW, and one in Tazzie

And some say he lives everywhere!

You can follow the adventures of Oz Bear when i have the time to update them on my Facebook pages. So why not spend the approximate £20 and order one. If you live out side of the UK, then you do not have to pay TAX on them! Then get in contact, and lets us ALL see where Oz Bear goes, and What his adventures ARE!

So let us hope that i do not have to work many more very long days!

It would be nice to know WHO Soapmactavich really is! Any ideas?

Yes. Ozzy would think us nuts if he realized the excesses of our Ozzbear travels. Some very sad fans indeed.

THe Oz Bears ARE really taking off!

I have sent a few around the globe,and looking at the photos OZ Bears are haveing fun, and seeing the world

So ARE YOU going to buy one?

Blades OZ Bear is off on Vacation, and it looks good

LD's is also having fun

So is the Gimps.

Mine is having a slow start, but just hang on and wait for the fun to really begin!

Could it have been banned?
Considered in bad ... taste?

Who knows. It's cute. I hope it's not a glitch like the one that doesn't show you have emails unless you touch the Facebook icon after logging in.

it looks sweet...but the mechanics? they need to bring this baby into the shop!

I tried to change my photo here for one of my Bad Taste Oz Bears on my book case! SO WHERE IS IT!

Ah yes, well the site is indeed slow still, but alas, despite multiple appeals to the management that doesn't seem to be changing. :o(.

Chocolate brownies are heavens magic to us humans. Anything chocolate is really. How am I supposed to keep away from carbs when I have 3 boxes of the things and all the ingredients to make them ready and available? Hmmm?

Well, the article you posted today (actually it was in with Ozzy news) about the mother and her children, that made me soooooooooooo sad. What is up with Jacks friends anyways? They leave the mother to save her baby AND her son when she's like 6+ months pregnant? What ever happened to saving their friend????

I'm toooooooooooooooooooooooo olde to take an interst of anything but Chocolate brownies!

Kiss kiss love (Blades goes cheek to cheek with Andy in a hug at the same time). Glad you found time to say 'ello.

The bears are indeed very cute. Brownies are fantastic though. The chocolate kind, when taken out a few minutes shy of done so the center is all nice and gooey? YUMMY. I'm eating one warmed up as we speak.


Well, it was fun while it lasted anyways. Kind of lost it's magic after a few very deep chuckles and awwws. Ya know? I'm too focused on Ozzy and what the band is doing in concerts as they are crossing the ocean and states now. Very excited to see everything they're doing. And extremely excited to be hearing Scream soon.

When are you going to post some material from recent times on your page for concerts, t-shirts and so on? Are you even planning to see Scream? What's the last live concert you saw with Ozzy And...? just curious.

Check the site before logging on, and found 1280 members signed in! yet again I was one of them! HOW can this be, as I had not signed in!

ANYWAY, The second I have accessed the site to find my OZ BEAR on the Fans FLAG on the home page!

HAS OZZY got an OZ Bear, and will Ozzy be having them on his merchandising section?

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