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Letter To Ozzy

Hi ozzy,
im an average teenager who loves your music and happy to say that you are my role model in life. I inspire to be a f**king awesome musician one day, just like you. im really happy to live in a city that you'll be touring to for the Scream tour. i couldnt be more excited to say its gonna be around my birthday. Im trying to convince my parents to buy tickets to see your show in Jacksonville, FL and I want to see your show because it will be the first metal concert ive ever gone too. I checked the tour dates and if im correct Jacksonville is the last U.S. city. I looked on ticketmaster and saw there was a meet and greet v.i.p. package and when i saw the price i nearly crapped my pants! im posting this to ask a favor if maybe, since it being the last U.S. city, i could meet ozzy before and the gang at the show. I appreciate this sites team and fan base for making Ozzy so awesome, I thank whoever takes the time to read this, and of course Ozzy himself for staying strong in his music to this day!

Thank you,
Bryce Alewel


ozzy, i love you, and your music , my name is Seija in finland, and my dog cavalier elaine ,peace to every ozzy-fan!

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