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On this day seven years ago...

Rock and roll almost lost Ozzy Osbourne on this very day in 2003.

Ozzy Osbourne was back in England at his Buckinghamshire home, enjoying a day off from promoting his new duet with daughter Kelly. Taking a ride in the country on his ATV four-wheeler, Ozzy crashed, breaking his collarbone, eight ribs and a vertebra in his neck.

“I’d been racing along this dirt trail and my front wheels hit a pothole,” Ozzy told Wales Online. “The bike shot out from under me and did a back flip in the air, throwing me on to the grass. For about a millionth of a second, I thought, ‘Oh well, that wasn’t so bad’. Then the whole lot landed on top of me. Crack!”

Ozzy’s broken ribs proved exceptionally dangerous after doctors discovered that his lungs had started to fill with blood. There was also a chance he could lose an arm since a main artery had been severed.

Ozzy, however, in true-rock star fashion, was more concerned about his tattoo.

“Apparently the last thing I did before losing consciousness was to pull on a doctor’s sleeve and whisper in his ear, ‘Whatever you do, don’t [expletive] up my tattoo’,” he said.

That night, news outlets reported that Ozzy’s injuries were life-threatening. News of Osbourne’s accident reached the House of Commons, where the government sent a goodwill message with Health Secretary John Reid wishing him a “speedy recovery.”

While the world fretted over the outrageous rock star’s plight, Ozzy was placed on a chemical coma and was enjoying a vivid, drug-induced dream. “I was in this corridor there and in front of me was a camouflaged fence, like something they might have had in the trenches during World War Two, while to my left was a window with Sharon on the other side having a party.

“She couldn’t see me, but I could see her and I followed her out and watched as she met up with some handsome, wealthy guy, who had his own plane. In the dream I thought, ‘There’s my wife, and she’s leaving me.’ It was terribly sad. The guy had a landing strip in his back yard, and at the end of it was a big gun.”

Ozzy next remembered that he dreamed he was flying to New Zealand, drinking beer in the plane’s c**kpit when in walked Donovan playing “Mellow Yellow.”

“Then I saw my guitarist Zakk Wylde, he was wearing a frilly dress and, dancing with a mop and a bucket,” he said. “But that wasn’t real, at least I hope it wasn’t.”

Then, after almost two weeks, the medics finally brought Ozzy out of the coma and he’d go on to make a full recovery.

Thanks for the report to Andrew Vaughan, Gibson.com.


;o{ that was such a very sad time, devastating. i can't believe that he would have faced that. hard to believe his wife would have shrugged off any accident, no matter the severity. kind of strange mentality if you ask me.

and Ozzy, if your wife left you for some other guy she would be the quintessential idiot of the century. every woman that i am friends with who is an Ozzy fan would jump in less time then the news hit the stand to be in her shoes. you are THAT beloved. why you would have anxiety like that over someone who could write a book like Extreme is beyond fathoming. she hates you.

:o+ that is a huge crime.

Then 8 months later he was back on tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And was doing his infamous leapfrog.
Truly remarkable!
Just another reason why no-one is better than Ozzy on and off the field (stage).

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