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First saw ozzy way back in 1982 at the nec birmingham . There have been many gigs since then but the ones that stick in my mind are the ozzmosis tour 95 at wolves civic, the two nights at the nec dec 97 when sabbath reformed the first night being my favourite, At the astoria in 99 i think excellent small venue and a atomsphere, and the time they played birmingham acadamy in 2001. Well looking forward to seeing him doing his own material again and i'm lucky enough to be going to wembley on the 19th june and birmingham on the 6th july. You can't kill rock n roll!


Anyone? Just came out of a coma.....tickets for Copenhagen concert Zcured. Does anyone outthere know the repertoire of the 07 tour.

have two tickets for the concert in london im well gutted coz i cant go beacause my other half is expecting our secon baby i just want to sell them for what i bought them for which was £89.00 give me a shout if you would like to buy them

Going to see ozzy wembley 19th june and 6th july. Rock n Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Put them on e bay for buy it now you will probably have to pt them on for £90 to cover your e bay charges, get rid of them easy specially if there standing!

Hey no - but going to Wembly - Ozzy and Zakk = heaven !

I have tickets to both norway (oslo) and prauge!!! oh yeah!!! haven't seen him before, but I saw black sabbath in oslo in 2005, and that was just amazing...

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