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Tulsa Show??

Up to 12 inches of snow expected for the Tulsa area on Wednesday...anyone know if the show on Thursday will be cancelled or postponed? I don't want to drive 6 hours in the snow only to be told at the last minute the show isn't going to happen.


KMOD radio station here in Tulsa said BOK confirmed Ozzy will play tomorrow! Fuk the snow man...

The show wasnt canceled after 2 feet of snow. My kids didnt get to go. Kid rock is givin refunds due to poor turnout and fan disappointment. It was a Christmas gift to the boys. At least a new ticket for another show would be nice.

well just saw him in denver and we had about 8 inches of snow and he still played,
I have high hopes that he will not cancel, but definately just check out the arena's website of where
your heading too, to see if anything was posted about it possibly being cancelled.

Probably will not hear anything official til late today or tomorrow. I plan on making it from oklahoma city. Hope the turnpike is cleared off.

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