Wow, I had the coolest Ozzy dream... read if interested, I feel it came to me as a message to share. | The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site

Wow, I had the coolest Ozzy dream... read if interes...

Okay so here's my dream experience and it means alot to me because it makes me feel like i was there with him (:

I was at a radio show where i could personally talk one on one with Sharon and Ozzy,
And I got to tell him how much I appreciated him as an artist, and he smiled & laughed. & He told me that
adores all his fans and they really keep him going, and that he would'nt still be around if he didnt have all the
love and support from his fans. He got teary eyed saying how much he cares and happy he's still alive to perform on stage to entertain us, because its what he loves to do.

I asked Ozzy why he didn't play the wizard when at the denver show (because he pulled out his harmonica and played a note then tossed it into the crowd) and his answer was "He didnt have the energy or the memory to play the song" LOL.

He gave me some items which were important to him, and thought i should have them..I believe they were old coins or a button.. which was cool (:

He told me to tell all his fans, he loves us very much, and to keep rocking in the name of metal, to keep it alive,
and play it loud for the world to hear and enjoy.. He made me sad because he mentioned he wouldnt be around much longer... (I really hope thats not true!!!) It made me cry in my dream and he gave me a hug and kiss on the forehead saying i was such a sweet girl,and the love we have for him will dwell in our hearts and never perish.

So to me.. I felt like it was one of the realistic, future bizarre dreams that might be true, So i figgured it was meant to be told.
Tell me your thoughts on it.. for me it was so special and touching & im happy i could embrace even though it was bittersweet.


Well I'm like the Rifleman, I shoot from the hip. So here goes. I gave this a week to settle in before commenting.

First, the biggest thing that was my takeaway is the lol I got from it.

Ozzy is 62, not 92. Although to a young teen this might seem he's got a foot in the grave, trust me from where I sit it is far from that. For perspective: the man runs circles around most men his age AND mine AND yours! So from a physical health standpoint I think a bit too much fatalistic mentality is coming out in your dream. He's not leaving us anytime soon. He has a HUGE lust for life, and honey? He's living it to the max. As he always has.

Second, I think the rest of the dream must have been sweet. I dream of him many times too. I guess it's the closest many of us will ever come to him. In our love for him that is a need for us to satisfy somehow. I've had all kinds of dreams...perhaps because I've had many more years to explore the nuances of exactly what I'd like a meeting to be with him.

Mainly? I'd love to just have him hold me. For about a half hour I think.

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