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Sharon and Howie Rock!!!

Sharon and Howie Rock!!!!
just the two of them would be just fine
on that television program.
i find the two of them far more entertaining
than anything else on that program.
i love it. Awesome!
keep up the awesome humour Sharon.
Howie is a rare breed and a pioneer in a sense.
don't lose that guy. he's got talent!
the two of you are like the dynamic duo of verbal and
dramatic humour. i love it.


i think pierce is a pompous poppyc**k putz!
what ever happend to "prince poppyc**k"?
i thought that dude was hilarious. i thought success for
sure, but i haven't herd anything?
i actually thought he was quite handsome too (um, without the
makeup though).

i love it when Sharon and Howie gang up on
piers, or whenever Sharon whacks piers over the head.
yeah, i guess he plays somewhat of a vital role in the
success of the show by being the "donkey"
i say piers is a putz.

I think their better too lol. It is pretty funny to see Howie screw around with Piers though lol

hi robotman and asylum,
i appreciate your positive feedback to my post,
it's nice for a change.
(i think asylum knows what i'm talking about)
thank you!

I have a relative named Rob who looks just like Howie

ok, before i go, this should be funny:

"i went this amazing zoo last week, they had so many extic birds, reptiles and strange looking cats. i saw the most beautiful Peac**k and it's feather's were so fascinating i couldn't stop staring at this Peac**k, well until i saw his pee pee. that's when i felt offended and decided to leave the exhibit."

ok let's see if they *********** the Peac**k, and leave "pee pee".

LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they did !!!!!!!!
LOL !! they **************'d a type of bird !!!!????????????????????
ok, go to "darkbale's" post in "ozzy discussion" to read the results
of my synopsis...if you can find the "post", buried within the "posts", or someone may have "marked it as """""offensive""""""""""" already. it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.
i think that post is near the top. it has a lot of responses (i can't remeber the name of the post, but it has somethig to do with a movie).
boo hoo.
ciao babies!

hi robotman,
LOL. i can't believe this.
i looked poppyc**k up in the dictionary and it means: nonsense.
so i thought of a made up story, to help indicate how rediculous this is:
(disclaimer: this is pure humour, all words used can be found in the dictionary and are not offensive or held in negative context nor conotones. pure satire.)
ok here we go:

This morning, when i woke up, naturally i c**ked my gun, and got it ready for todays hunting excursion. I woke up too early this morning, because all the roosters we're doing the c**k-a-doodle-doo too early today. Then once the roosters stopped, my c**katiel started to squawk. That's when I noticed a c**kchafer crawling up my kitchen wall. Probably going after our resident c**kroach. I'm pretty c**ksure on that one.
Anyways, I went to my bathroom, and noticed my c**ker spaniel, had performed a # 2 in the bathtub. As I was cleaning it up, in came walzing my 80 year old mother, you know doing her usual strut, wearing that dumb looking c**kade on her silly looking hat. Basically a c**ked hat. She is so c**ky too. You should see her in her silly hat, when she's all dolled up in her c**ktail dress, as she readies herself for the A-Typical pompous c**ktail party, at the most famous c**ktail lounge in town.
Anyways, because this was a very c**kamamie situation, i grabbed my favourite pet dog, my c**kapoo, and we hopped into the c**kpit of my vehicle, and we took off, before she could give me her daily list of things she needs done for the day. I swear she's the second coming of a c**k. Well, to be fair, an imature c**k, more like a c**kerel.
I tried, to tell my best old c**k this story, but he had just woken up when i arrived, and he was definately only at half c**k to pay attention to anything I was saying anyways. I'm c**ksure on that one too. So, I just joined him, and we started on the c**ktails pretty early on this day. I like this old c**k of mine, because no matter how many c**ktails we have together, he never, ever expresses interest in my private part, which is nice for a change.

There, now let's see how many non-bad words get sensored, this should be funny. after all, we are supposed to have fun at this website aren't we?

Best AGT quote EVER!!!!!
Howie: "Weve got two British standards right here. Can you blow up the one on the end?"


I don't watch that show. but sharon and howie are cool.

i watch it religeously.
it's hilarious. i agree i love it.

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