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AS Randy Rhoads is one of my first and favorite guitar players, I was eagerly expecting this release. I hate to say thought that there is not much new stuff here. The main reason I ordered the box set was for the live video footage... duh! And it is incredible. The only footage I didn't have previously was the Palladium which is good stuff. The remaster job is a good one but the gaps between songs seem longer and any change from the originals is terrible as they are such classics.

Now for what I dislike about the set. Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake were huge parts of the first two albums. In fact, Blizzard of Ozz started as a band project, not an Ozzy solo outing becuase (almost) no one is the record business had any faith in Ozzy. Why then where their pictures intentionally removed from the photos in the coffee table book? WTF??? It seems greed got the best of Sharon when Blizzard took off and they canned those guys as to not share in songwriting royalties. Any wonder why Ozzy's first two albums are by far his strongest and best??? It has went downhill from there with the worst end result being the rerecording of the rythmn tracks on Blizzard/Diary. Again, WTF??? The fans spoke out LOUDLY about this and the remixes were scrapped.

If Bob Daisley had been consulted about the box set, it might actually contain some badass rarities. Bob has demo recordings of tunes as they were being worked out. His input on the recoding sessions would have been a great addition to the liner notes (hey there were no new liner notes... yet again, WTF???) as Osbourne submitted none (because he was too wasted to remember... bummer) and Daisley was actually hired before Rhoads. Because Daisley and Kerslake (rightly) sued over songwriting royalities,Sharon will have nothing to do with them and that hurts us... the Ozzy/Randy fans!

This box set could have been one of the best releases of this decade, but greed has made it not so. A tragedy for us the fans...

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