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you changed my sons view on music, thank you

Hello, my son is 9 and a few years ago he heard Crazy Train. He loved it. This year we put him in drum lessons and ofcourse he wanted to learn Crazy Train on the drums. I'm so proud of him. But also its great that your music is interesting to so many people. He said that one day he would like to play songs like yours. What ever makes him happy. He has somewhat of a difficult time at school, but picking up the drums quickly and learning to read music notes. Just wanted to let you know he's proud to look up to you. Thakn you. I know one day he'll leave, but he will play Mamma I'm coming home. :) I can only hope that when I see you come through Canada I will get a chance to take him.


Aww! That's so cute!

=0). Music does seem to speak to kids who may struggle with sitting still in school for academics.

My son is very bright, but he has ADHD and ODD. He can't be bothered with the work because it comes so easy. He got bad grades because of what he didn't turn in, not what he didn't excel at otherwise on tests. Very frustrating.

Music is a gift. Big time. Hope he finds his way with it. Welcome by the way!

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