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Hello!My name is sean dillon and i do not know ozzy's e-mail
address.You know ozzy's song called suicide sulution?
Well,many people define that song in many diferent ways!
Some say that it is a song saying to commit suicide
Some say it is a anti-suicide song,like ozzy him-self!
From what i ,sean have heard about that song,directly from ozzy
him-self is that alcohol is the suicide solution,(drinking it)!!!
And to not get addicted to alcohol,which is the true meanig of
that song....from my definition!
I,sean dillon,do not know ozzy osboune him-self,And i have not
met him in person!I,sean dillon,got all this information from looking
at ozzy's record booklets in ozzy's records!

You can contact me,sean dillon at:

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