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I just bought the Diary of a Madman Legacy Edition yesterday at a local Best Buy & I've gotta say: both discs are incredible! The 'live' CD is even better than the 'Tribute' recording from the 80's. One day, I would love to see a 'live recording' from the Diary tour w/Randy on it: I would buy that in a heartbeat! Btw, I took my son to see Ozzy here in St. Louis back in January of this year: in the words of a 12 year-old, the 'best concert I've ever seen' (albeit it was his 3rd concert ever: he's seen Rush & Iron Maiden w/me too)...the setlist that night was awesome! I always look forward to new music from Ozzy as well: hope he produces another great CD w/his current bandmates soon.

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