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Ozzy We Need 1 More Sabbath Reunion Tour Please!!!!!...

I have been an Ozzy Fan for many years. I got my 2 boys into Sabbath. I have been trying to get them together for a concert. The only concert they will attend so the 3 of us can be together would be a Sabbath Reunion Tour. This would make this long time ozzy fan one of the happiest in the world being together with my boys listening to the band.


Here's confirmation of "a practice" that took place with the original members. Right on!

I just pray to GOD that they will for all their devoted fans (some upwards to 40 years) WRITE SOME NEW MATERIAL! These are the KINGS of DOOM! They can't do wrong. They're amazing, and so many millions love that unique sound that is them. What was missing last time through was Geezer and Bill! It's the sum of the 4 that is magic.

PLEASE guys! Tour with NEW SONGS!!! on my knees begging...no more rehash only of the past. You're not just the past - give us the present too!

<a href="http://www.kerrang.com/blog/2011/10/black_sabbath_plan_reunion_sho.html">Black Sabbath plan reunion shows</a>

Ozzy Osbourne: Possibility of Black Sabbath Reunion 'Very, Very Strong' ( <a href="http://www.noisecreep.com/2011/10/08/ozzy-talks-sabbath-reunion/"> http://www.noisecreep.com/2011/10/08/ozzy-talks-sabbath-reunion/</a>)

How's this for you?

Fantastic news! I love Ozzy, and Tony and Geezer and Ward. The original Sabbs are just the Masters of Doom. Rock n Roll! I've loved these guys since I first heard them in 1976. They rule the corridors of doom music. They are kings. I'm fN psyched to hear the Prince of Darkness another time live with his buds from Birmingham =0).

I will have lived a full life with this. I will FINALLY get to say "okay, life has come full circle." I have loved these men since FOREVER~! NOBODY rocks like these guys. Not for me.

They've defined my rock n roll nightmare forever! LONG LIVE SABBATH!

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