I WANNA MEET OZZY OSBOURNE IN DENMARK!!!!!!! | The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site


Hi, as you know im one of the biggest Ozzy Fans ever!!!!! I were in Skanderborg Festival in Denmark to see Ozzy osbourne, it was just like a dream :D. Before i had to go to Skanderborg Festival i dreamt about meeting Ozzy Osbourne, just trading a few words with him. Im 13 years old now, ive been an Ozzy Fan since i just found out that music actually exist. So i hope that Ozzy sees this topic, and hopefully answer :D.


Aww Daniel - I'm just a fan like yourself from Arizona. But I just found your thread here and had to reply.

Your concert sounds fantastic! I was watching the overseas concerts and they sure look amazing. Enough that I dream of going over there for a festival sometime in the next few years. That would be awesome!

I've dreamed of meeting Ozzy too, many times over the years. I am not rich though, so until he did these book tours it's been nothing more then that, a dream. Now, Wednesday, it will be a dream come true. =0).

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