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Fire in the lives and hearts of mankind is the devil (one mind united to destroy).
Fire in the hearts of mankind creates elctricity (power).
Electricity in the lives of mankind creates media, that lies to us day and night.
My Fathers Word (with faith) will show you this life of fire we suffer, or better known as hell. Everything made by mankind is made with fire.
The Word my Father gave to me (FIRE IS THE FRUIT OF MANS KNOWLEDGE) and fire is the root of evil in mankind.
Heaven is all around us, it's all life with no wanting for fire.
We will ALL leave this life only to pass to another and we do have choice. I have lived and died a man, went to heaven because of my faith in my Fathers Word and live a man again, as all of my faithful brothers have.
When all of mankind passes to heaven who will be left to carry on this madness?
You can call me a hypocrite, but we are not condemed for the life we choose. Live your life, do what YOU choose, be happy and show it because today I gave you the truth for free. I'm here sinfull with you, I can't leave.
Please see that the evil one you all seek will never be seen, a part of it lives in all of us. Can't you feel it burning inside you, hateing, judging, wanting, fearing? We need to stop judging each other if nothing else! What the f*** are we fighting for anyway, the who is less evil crown?
Pick yourself up brother and come quickly, whatever it costs I will repay you with everything I have.


how many times do you intend on posting this exact same post?

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