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The New Year - 2012 || Black Sabbath & Ozzy Osbourne

Happy New Year Ozzy.

Really gonna dig 2012 and the new album. I am BESIDE myself excited. I still can't believe I'm going to hold another PRECIOUS and BELOVED album in my hands again. Wow. This is the sweetest kiss that anyone could ever experience. This is the best gift, ever.

Love you bunches. And best wishes for you with your tour with the guys again. Wow, did you ever imagine 43 years ago that you'd be still out there touring today? LOL. What a ride.

Bless you. For all these years of beautiful music. Stuff that feeds my soul. Beyond expressing everything in the spectrum of emotions and moods. That's the thing, the soul Ozzy. Your music has always stood apart for it. And I'm so proud of all that you've done these years. And I'm amazed, that this many years later I am still telling people how much you and your music mean to me, to the world.

<3 A fan kiss, blown across the light waves to you. Multiplying by the billions of hearts looking up to you saying "right on man! rock and roll!"

=o). Always...


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