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Knowing what little that I do, I know that Tony and Geezer are almost neigbours, and it would take them about one hour to drive home to their OWN beds, and at a guess, If Ozzy stops at his place, that too would be around one hours drive from DOWNLOAD.

Funny thing is I used to work in Derby, and pass the Donnington race Circuit and Airport to and from home. Unlike us meer mortals, they will be waved through the traffic, where as it will probably take me one hour to get off the car park, and then one hour home!

The one thing that the crowd must is simply this. There are TWO chants to start:



The second one can be chanted even if Bill is on Drums where he should be!

EACH of the originals should each get an EQUAL share, and then roll it down through the Royalties, unless they list the credits as BLACK SABBATH!

At the first of the last Reunion Concerts at the Birmingham NEC (now the LG Areana) after Sabbath left the stage, the crowd started to chant the usual OZZY chant. An embaraced Ozzy came back onto the stage and changed it to SABBATH!

So Yes I'm off to see them on the Sunday. I hope to meet up with friends I used to work with, and friends that I am currently working with, and these guys are GORDIES! Wey eye!

So I hope to have a great day out and not get hassell from any idiot(s) who might turn out!

I just want a brilliant day out, and see FOUR friends play together, olde and NEW material, so come on Geezer, Tony, Ozzy and Bill (alphabetical order) how about it, GIVE US the FANS what we all deserve, and you the comaradship that goes back eons!

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