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Latest from Bill is that he is NOT being invited to participate in the Download Festival, games are still being played in terms of disrepecting the EQUAL PARTNERSHIP AND VALUE OF EACH OF THE FOUR ORIGINAL MEMBERS.

WHAT THE F**********************

I can't even believe this is happening. I mean, Ozzy KNOWS what vanity and being outed feels like. Tony is fighting lymphoma. does NOTHING RING BELLS HERE? This is HISTORY, FRIENDSHIP, MUTUAL RESPECT, and FOR THE FANS.

Wow. How deeply sad that petty behaviors have to ruin what could have been EPIC.

I am flying overseas just to watch what should NOT be called "BLACK SABBATH." Not without THE ORIGINAL 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ozzy spends such time going over and over that point, admitted to by Tony & Geezer & Bill & himself in "The Last Supper" in 1999...what on EARTH is going on????????????? or direct link

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