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Ozzy in Dublin

Ozzy, you played a stormer in Dublin tonight! It looked like you were having a better time than anyone else in the place. You bounced around all night and sounded great - my highlight 'War Pigs' - thank you for that wonderful piece of history. I know your oldest son lives in Dublin so please come back soon and teach 'em all how's it done!


I agree with that. The gig was f***in amazin!!!!

Man what gig where you listening too. Ozzy and the band looked like they where doing the deed but the sound was appalling I can only guess they where using the house PA "shoot the sound guy" worst sound I've ever heard at a gig!! seen Ozzy loads of times before and always played a blinder but that was like listening to a bootleg tape on dirty heads. Worst was No more tears could bearly hear the guitar and the bass was flat...the gig was such a disappointment and I was looking forward it for months!!

Was a f***in excellent gig. The sound was a bit off on a couple of songs, but that in no way detracted from the whole affair!!!!!!!

Sound a bit off on a few songs it was off the whole gig!! I've seen Ozzy everytime he's come over for the past 25 years and if thats the sound quality for the gigs it was my last! It seems if you where right up the front you heard the band PA and it sounded good but any further back and it was a no sound show maybe explains why it was half full and the queue at the bar was so long. And no I'm not just moaning I'm an Ozzy fan as are alot of my mates who won't show up for the next one. Ozzy man I hope you read these because you've got to sort s*** like this out if you want to draw the crowd your performance and talent deserves!! Just sake your sound guy fast!!!!!!

That Gig WAS F***in Crazy I thought you were amazin you are the best it was the best gig I have ever gone to and the fact I was so close to you Ozzy that was AMAZIN!!!!!!! Come back soon I will defo go again and always will !!!!!!!!!!!


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