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Meet Ozzy, the Kitty named after Ozzy

Oct 19,2010- My twin sister Jane and I went to see Ozzy at his book-signing signing at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Tucson, AZ (Trust Me, I'm Dr. Ozzy). Two girls were trying to find a home for a kitten while standing in line with the fans. Some guy was ready to take him and I told him we'll take the kitten if you change your mind and he immediately said, with no hesitation we can have him. Not a good place to be giving away kittens. Anyway, I am glad we took him. He is the cutest kitten with a great little personality and very affectionate! Meet Ozzy! Named after our hero!

* I had to take little Ozzy outside just before my turn came up to greet Ozzy. The security guard said Ozzy is allergic to cats. I went outside and my sister got both hers and my book signed! I was furious! She should not have gotten my book signed so I can go back and to greet Ozzy! I went back inside to the same security guard, told him how stunad my sister is and he let me go back in front of the line to see Ozzy! :D My turn! I went right up to Ozzy, shook his hand and said "I LOVE YOU!" He gave me such a stare!!! hahaha! YEAY! What a feeling that was! I met my hero!!!!! I love you Ozzy!!!!!!

Here's Ozzy the Kitty's FaceBook page:


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