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Part one of two.... Sorry ............ lol

I am aware I have previously commented on this thread, but due to its resurgence I am compelled to do so again, please forgive me. lol

I am going to try an explain my thoughts on this topic as best I can without being rude or disrespectful to anyone, no matter your stance on either man.

To begin with Ozzy is one quarter of the band known to us all as the immortal black Sabbath. In that alone he deserves our tribute, Ozzy is a founding father of the band that is credited not just by some, but the moral majority with engineering heavy rock music, and for that you should show your respect and admiration for the man.

As for Ozzy after Sabbath, well we are talking about a guy that allowed himself to succumb to heavy drug use, and even though the rest of the band members were not in much better shape at the time, Ozzy being in a far worse state was removed from the Sabbath line up. Now as history shows Sharon stepped in and gave Ozzy the boot, and pushed him to move forward, which he did with Randy. And as far as the success of the first two albums with Randy went it wasn’t just a surprise to the guys in Sabbath, I believe it was even a surprise for Ozzy himself. Now in my eyes even though Ozzy has had his ups & downs over the years he never has had to play clubs in order to sustain his career, in fact Ozzy has had to do very little as far as reinventing himself in order to stay popular or relevant over the years, and even though I do admire the other core members of Sabbath, none of them can say the same really.

Now when Ozzy reunited with the original line up of black Sabbath Iommi had successfully run the Sabbath name into the ground, in fact so much so that even being the fan that I am, I am myself unable to keep track of all the different members that came and went after Ozzy’s dismissal from the band. So here we have Iommi the only one left, and by his misdirection & bad decisions over the years following Ozzy’s dismissal had managed to run off every original member other than himself. Iommi stood alone owning the name but very little else really, what he was doing with the Sabbath mantle was nothing short than what Gene has done to the name Kiss, shameful really when you look at it clearly..

Now Ozzy noticing all this made a few calls and reunited them all for the Ozzfest line up, therefore breathing new life into the lungs of what was once known as black Sabbath to a whole new generation of kids, and the name was saved from becoming a disgrace, a joke essentially. Trust me Iommi didn’t do Ozzy any favors back then by reuniting really, it was certainly the other way around. Ozzy had Ozzfest, while Iommi had clubs shows with half sold out venues; Iommi was hanging on by his nails & he knew it.

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