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Of course Ozzy has grounds. And I for one think it's just plumb flat out the right thing to do. I stand and applaud him for doing this. I felt Sabbath ended the day he was gone. It's the truth. Ozzy will forever live in my heart as that young kid who just made life so fricking cool with my friends...his soul and his sound are unique, and nobody can ever live up to what the four of them together were. Same thing with Van Halen, Pink Floyd, Creed, and all the greats who together are magic when they form around a totally unique vocalist. Ozzy definitely hands down is that. I am SO GLAD they acknowledged his voice - it's an instrument...and when that was gone, the band just never was the same. I'm sorry, but it's true. Sabbath is Iommi, Ward, Butler, and Osbourne. It just is!

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