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Well my dear Streaky here we go, and ALL those who are note quite officenardo's.

14 Lodge Road - Parental home of his most royal highness the prince of Darkneess himself - Ozzy

Albert Street Junior School - is where Ozzy Attended

These two locations ARE easily found by me, an almost local 7 - 8 miles anyway.

Birchfield Secondry Modern School (Comprehensive, and now called Senior schools) is not to be found on any map of Birmingham. The Birchfield Road is a main arterial road in/out of Birmingham. On the whole it is a Dual carriageway, with some raised section, and some fly overs. SO since Ozzy and Tony were in attendance, the school probably has been flattened! So the rough location would be nice!

At some stage I will go into Birmingham and Photograph the latest incarnation of "Osbournes Bar"! It faces what used to be the Central Fire Station, and Aston Triangle/Aston University. It is also spitting distance from the Childrens (former General) Hospital Heli Pad, down the road (Corporation Street) Methodist Central Hall, and The Law Courts! There used to be, and as I have not been there for ages I am not sure if the second hand recrod shop is still there. I think that it was called "The Plastics Factory". I have taken some photo's of the Birmingham Town Hall, BUT I will endeavour to take some more angles.

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