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The runner beans are coming off a treat, The cucumbers have started to be harvested, and the resy of the crops are coming along.

Cleared the center of the rockery, and after composting, planted it out with alsorts of Lavender, and TODAY, I put in 4 Goldern Rods. I believe that they produce a goldern flower on the top of a spike!

So who is up to cut the lawns?

To think that the Gimp looked me up on some saterlite site, and could not find the house! I told him look for the greenhouses, and HE SAID, I could not see them due to the greenery around my locality!

Too much Cles des Ducs (Armanagac) and a drop of port called C ockburns! Seriously,that is what it is called!

Now it is really getting close to Beer O Clock!

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