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Awesome! My daughter is 9. She is also a very devoted Ozzy fan. She'll be in Arizona rocking out with Ozzy too ~*

It's my prayer that Slash plays the song "Sweet Child 'O Mine." 'Cause since I was a young woman, that song has been my daughters song, even when she was still a twinkle in my eyes! My baby girl knows it, loves it, and would be absolutely 300x more floored then I know she's already gonna be hearing and seeing Ozzy live. Music is so much a heartbeat for me, I just can't wait to see her expression when she hears these songs she knows so well sung live. And I'm so glad that she too will feel the magic of Ozzy in person. My son did here recently at Ozzfest, and Ozzy won his heart even though he always complained before when I played his music. This is so good...I can't wait!

;o) Cool that you've been a Sabb/Ozz fan that long. I can't claim that far back, but I can to 1976 when I first heard them/him. :o). Welcome!

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